Natural Wine

What is Natural Wine and Where to Find it in Canada?

Natural wine is made naturally without any use of chemicals or technological interventions. Only grapes get used, and natural wine made in traditional methods. The term organic wine gets used when the wine made with organic grapes, it may or may not be added with chemicals during the process of wine making.

Natural Wine

The criteria for wine making are:

  • The wine gets made from organically or biodynamically grown grapes. Without or with certification.
  • The grapes get taken from dry- farmed or low yielding Vineyards.
  • Grapes get handpicked.
  • The vines not added with any sugars or different yeast or bacteria.
  • The acidity must not be adjusted.
  • No added sugar or minerals.
  • Addition of external flavors not allowed.
  • No manipulation such as micro oxygenation, reverse osmosis, cryoextraction or spinning cone is allowed.
  • Sulphites addition is not allowed.

Some of the best Natural wines are:

  • Running Duck Cabernet Sauvignon: The African Cabernet winery uses ducks as an effective form of pest control. The wine not contaminated with sulfites. The wine is also available in blackcurrant and raspberry flavors.
  • Tragolargo 2014 Monastrell: The wine forms the southern part of Spain. You can get dark berry and cherry flavors.
  • La Biancara Angiolino Maule Masieri 2015: This is a white wine made from an Italian winery. The wine is spontaneously fermented and, no yeast get added.

Places in Canada where you can find natural wine:

  • Obladee, Halifax.
  • Candide, Montreal.
  • Grey Gardens, Toronto.
  • Pigeonhole, Calgary.
  • Burdock and Co., Vancouver.

Obladee, Halifax:

Obladee has wine sorted out into the ones made from native yeast and the ones made from commercial yeast.  The menu describes if the wine is organic or sustainable or Biodynamic farming.

Candide, Montreal:

Candide is set up in the basement of an old church, and, the set up is just brilliant for drinking wine and relaxing. Every dish sold there to get made from the local ingredients. The chef over there prepares the food right in front of you and severs the food.

Grey Gardens, Toronto:

Grey Gardens is a bar and restaurant in Toronto. The restaurant sells one of the best natural wine you can ever taste. The wine program led by the General Manager Jake Skakun.

Pigeonhole, Calgary:

The Pigeonhole’s chef Justin Leboe has creative cooking and has an extensive selection of natural wine. The resultant has antique plates and settings. A wide range of food is provided to match the wine you are tasting.  The wine director of the bar is Andrew Stewart.

Burdock and Co., Vancouver:

Andrea Carlson is the founder and the chef of Burdock and Co. Their goal is not to be cool or high fashionable but to serve the wine of the best quality with genuine love. The restaurant also serves a lot of vegan dishes you can have along with your natural wine. You also get organic food in the restaurant.