Top 10 Iphone Food Apps

There is always a confusion on which hotels to visit in your location, or if you happen to visit a new place of duty, you are under a constant confused state on which food to eat or which hotel to visit. Smartphone apps make it much easier for us in deciding our desired hotels and the best food available. These applications make our life so much simpler and comfortable. But then again there is the trouble of choosing from the plenty of food apps found in the store. The article lists down a list of the best food apps found in iPhones.

The following are some of the best food apps found in the app store:
Urban Spoon.
Seafood Watch.
Chefs feed.
Open Table.
Big Oven.
Local Eats.
Urban Spoon:
If you are a person who loves natural things and surprises, then Urban Spoon is the app for you. You just have to shake your phone, and there is a fun spin which picks up a restaurant with the help of your GPS from which you can choose. The app also allows you to choose from the list of restaurants in your neighborhood and you can choose them based on the cuisine and prices.

Epicurious is a free app which allows you to make your recipe. You can search by keyword and make your food. The app also lists down the things you will have to buy the food you want to make.

Seafood Watch:
Monterey Bay Aquarium started the app. The apps help you to choose from a variety of sea food. The app also contains a brilliant sushi guide which lists down the names of the fishes in Japanese and English.

Foodsspotting apps allow you to choose your favorite food and document the review of foods. You are authorized to post pictures of the restaurant and write reviews about it. So if you are a food lover and a blogger you can download this app and write a review about your favorite food and restaurants.

Locavore uses the GPS in your phone and lists down all the local restaurants and food places in your area. You can find the traditional seasonal food and get various recipes from this app.

Chefs feed:
Chefs feed an app which allows you to follow your favorite chefs from all around the world. You can write various reviews and post your food recipe and pictures of the food you made.

It is always difficult for vegetarians to get a place to eat. The VegOut is an app which helps the vegans and the vegetarians to get the ideal location to eat. The app lists the hotels in alphabetical order and also lets you write reviews about the food and the hotels you have been.

Open Table:
The app lets you know which restaurants have open tables available for you to dine in.

Big Oven:
The app allows you to search your desired food by title, keyword, ingredients, etc.

Local Eats:
Local Eats lists down the restaurants available in the local area.


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