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Top 3 Food Culture Influencers

We love the concept of food just as much as anyone else in the world. We have been writing about food for years now. We have decided to compile our list of top food cultures from across the globe; the list is obviously subjective and biased. But let us argue why we think this list is among the most accurate lists in the world.

  1. United States of America

When we look at the US as an influencer of food culture, we have to take into account the influence of a multitude of cultures within the United States. There are fans for almost all sorts of cuisines from around the world. But what is quintessentially United States that helps the country stand out in a crowd; we could only think of one food item, the cheeseburger. Nothing else is as American as that, and the closest competitor to the cheeseburger is the classic chocolate chip cookie. In terms of food culture, the US doesn’t have that big of a footing. The only reason we have included the US into this list is because of how influential the country is in general and if the US takes up a cuisine, most countries will follow suit.

  1. Thailand

Asian flavours are exploding everywhere. But authentic Thai flavours can only be found in a handful of countries in Asia. The reason we have included Thailand as an influencer is because of the love for the country’s food from nook and corners of the world. The fact of the matter is that Thai food is complex and a normal dish will contain a lot of ingredients, usually as long as a page at the very least. As an influencer, Thailand has promoted the idea of street food and how amazing it can be. If we have to pick a dish that is quintessentially Thailand then we’d pick Tom Yam Kung; the dish is like having an explosion of flavour inside your mouth; there is just about every flavour to taste, but there is just that right bit of balance present to make this one of our all-time favourite dishes.


  1. Italy

We have spoken about two types of influencers. The United States as being a hub for cuisines to grow and Thailand as an epicentre for the growth of street food. It is only right to talk about the epicentre of classical cuisine by talking about Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine has influenced the world immensely and it has given birth some of the finest dishes in the world along with some of the most eccentric chefs as well. There is not one place that we can start that will do justice to the cuisine. So we are not going to be picking a favourite dish and we are going to be leaving it to you to choose your own.